Fear and Forgiveness

On “Fear and Forgiveness” singer/songwriter Michael Foley shows his life in American music.  Folk, Soul, Rock , Blues, Country and more, and his ability to write shape, powerful vignettes that transform the joy  and sorrow of everyday people living everyday lives into song.  Known by some more for his considerable body of work in fine art, in painting especially , Foley wields a wide brush here with a remarkable skill creating this ambitious and exciting musical tour de force.


“Fear and Forgiveness” is really a music lovers album.  The 14 songs cover lot of ground but Foley’s lead vocals and masterful guitar work hold them all together.  Foley assembled a dream team with Tim Wagar on bass (Otis Rush, Taj Mahal), and Peter Tucker on the drums (Houston Jones, The Waybacks).  Saxophonist David Somers’ magnificent horn arrangements, stellar performances by Big Lou the Accordion Princess and Mary Pitchford on the violin, percussionist Derek Rolando (Pete Escovido),  and Gary Chiapetta on  pedal steel.  Add to that the voices of rock legend John York and VH-1 award winner Natalia Bortolotti and you’ve created a rich, authentic American musical panorama that moves your heart and your feet while it impresses and inspires.

Fear and Forgiveness is now available on iTunes.

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