The Work Of Michael Foley Video


This collection of the work of Michael Foley was put together by Tom Johnson. Tom worked in radio and television for years and did a beautiful voiceover where he talked about the paintings, however it was so intimidating to Foley, enigmatic by nature, that he asked Tom to take the voice track off.  Tom replaced it with music created by Foley and his oldest son Emmet Foley called “Simulacra”. The group was called the Michelangelo Project. Years later Foley tried to find the original copy that had Tom’s voice over but it was gone forever.


“Simulacra” will soon be available on iTunes and other music outlets along with other unreleased material.  Songs from Foley’s CDs  “Fear and Forgiveness” are available now. The painting shown here are from the early 90s through the beginning of the 21st-century. Foley’s work transitioned greatly during this period from constructions to the beginning of what he affectionately calls his “reparticulated” work. While some of the images are of work that is in the existing collections, much of the work is still available. Please contact the artist at   for more information and any comments.

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