There Is PROOF of Life On Earth

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Previously Unreleased Music From Life On Earth Available Now

Since Michael and I have become friends many years ago we have talked about releasing a collection of songs from his band Life On Earth. Michael has lots of tape recordings that we uploaded to the computer and picked through to find a good sampling of their sound. I think we came up with a great collection of songs and here is the Proof!

Proof from Life On Earth is available now all around the Earth. We had a lot of fun going through all the old tapes and reliving the memories. We made a video a while back for the song Hard At Work, which is available below that will give you a glimpse into the life and time back in the day in San Francisco.

Now I present to you Proof, that there really is life on Earth.

Mark Bray
Crystaleyezed Fine Arts

Preview Life On Earth – Proof before it becomes available on all online platforms and CD.

Life On Earth - Proof
Life On Earth Proof Back Cover

Life On Earth – Proof
Released May 1, 2021 on Crystaleyezed Fine Arts

The Arrow 3:36
Gimme A Rest 5:00
The World Is Hollow 4:27
White Lies 3:51
No One Told Me 2:56
Under Surveillance 3:26
Hold On To The Secret 5:29Hard At Work / Space / Doomsday Boogie 9:29

All songs Copyright Michael Foley 2019 except White Lies White Lies written by John York, publisher Debris Music
Mastered by: Emmet Foley songs 1,2,3,5,6 and Mark Bray songs 4,7,8 Produced by Mark Bray
Cover Art by Mark Bray Back cover photo by Tommy Paiva Back cover logo by Peter Swanson
Published by: Maurice Buday Music Distributed by: GRAYROCK Records and Crystaleyezed Fine Arts