Life On Earth – Proof – Lyrics

Life On Earth – Proof – Lyrics

The Arrow
Take me to a friendly place
Don’t leave me out here in the cold
Take this charm to stand your trial
As you stand the rain and snow
Be you true a faithful arrow
Always true and never narrow
Sent by a strain stress and tension
You can take us all along
All along . . .

Are you bored or did you notice
Was there question in your diary
Did you speak to a crowd of people
Or was that only wind I hear
Who’s to say when no one’s talking
All the brakes come soft and nearIs there marching on your mountain
Visions of them come in clearCome in clear, come in clear, come in clear
If you’re granite one more minuteIf you make your life less ice
Give me back my coat of questions
My paper sack my childish rice
Take the loss that you call winning
Leave me with your best advice
Best advice best advice 

The corner door was soon forgotten
When you entered through the gate
In your dress of sterling silverIn your checkered dyn-o-mite
Take your friend to meet your faceDon’t leave her out here in the cold
Take this arrow to stand your trialAs you stand the rain and snow
Rain and snow, rain and snow, rain and snow

Gimme A Rest

Gimme a rest I need your best tonight
What would you do if the number was two
And it was alright Alright
Give me a break cause we’ve made that mistake
One more time
I know what you mean when you say not to scheme with the pieces
And what would you do if they came up to you
And called you Jesus Jesus
Those old virgin Isles well they won’t be the same 
When you’re gone
I used to be a loner living by myself 
Maybe I’ll go back to Cuba And start living like Fidel 
I’ve been with the goons and squeezed the balloons and got custard
When you get near the end
You can tell a real friends when you’re busted
BustedIn the moon with the spoon
It’s a sane enough plain as it is
With the way that you drive I just try and survive and I wonder
Is it the same well don’t play those games 
Just take me under 
Take me underI’d just like to love you and not
Have to pay with my life
I know it’s not accidental
She rubs my dungarees
I’m screaming in my desperation
And I need your company

The world is hollow
The world is hollow
And I can feel you breathing
The world of solids, hollow
And I know you’re sleeping
So I will not wake you up 
And I will not bring you down
I’m sure I’ll be around longer than tomorrow

The world of sorrowFrom people crying
The world of sorrow
From people lying
Like the military and the police,
It’s like doctors and disease
But I’d sure like to get a release
I don’t have to borrow

Betty was a woman with a million names 
And none that meant the same
Every time she had to watch
It changed the nature of her game

I asked my shadow
How can you follow
In the darkness
Of the instant mountain
He said crazy men they followed me
And they put me in a jar
Put a pin in my wings
To mount me up on target

I heard that doctors
Milk for the people
And they promise
The Grim Reaper
I went straight to the presidents chair 
You know I told him it just wasn’t fair
And he said I’m just doing my best
To keep eternal life a secret

Rainy days are bound to come
And flood your little life
Knock you down on your wings 
Praying for your life

I asked the coyote 
Who’s nearly perfect
In his sharpness And cold cutting edge
He said if madness ain’t enough
You’ve got to practice being tough
And then turn around and see
If you’ve climbed up any ladders

In his pocket Was a diamond Bible
And a locket And lots of green bills
He said I’ve been framed I’m not to blame
I meant it all in fun
I never meant to make you think
You never get it done

Hey don’t you worry
About the future
Don’t you worry
Worry don’t mean nothing
Is it that nothing stayed the same
Or is it that nothing really changed
Or is nothing
What you really going to have tomorrow, tomorrow

White Lies
White lies made you kneel 
And pick up the gun
How does it feel
To see your blood run
The trouble you’ve seen
It’s still on your face

Could we be as clean
Left in your place
You did what you could now
But you were betrayed
They broke every promise
That they ever made

Did you feel pride
Or did you feel shame
Chained by white lies
And riding the train

Good people sit there
Picking their teeth
Shaken by trials
They lose all belief
The battles are over
The people have cried
Life was much better 
Before they arrived
The history books tell it
It’s all very fair
You lost your land
And they lost their hair

Did you feel pride
Or did you feel shame
Chained by white lies
And riding the train

No one told me
No one told me
You took me by surprise
I never knew
You felt that way
I could see it
If I looked into your eyes
Lest this moment 
Be over

Someone hold me
I feel all cold inside
I maybe never
Have been down so low
Have mercyI asked all of my judges
Let me make it 
Up to you

Then you bring me
The laughter and the smiles
Behind closed doors
The mind fades away
Only separation
Is keeping us apart
Till this moment
Is forgotten

When she found me
She made me feel obliged
I often knew
Her mind and ways
Be patient
Don’t make me be mistaken
Over what is

Under Surveillance
Many times I’ve sat here 
Dreaming just of you
Streaming tears of taxicabs 
Stuck outside the zoo
If we tried, if we cried
Maybe even satisfied
Please believe in your bed
Especially since it’s true
Grab me by my hands dear
Even while we’re young
Flashing eyes relax in time
We‘re burning like the sun
See a sign, you breathe a line
My eyes look out at you
The moon and sun of everyone
Whisper parlez-vous 
You’re under surveillance, sweet surveillance
Red white and blue  
We’re under surveillance, sweet surveillance 
No matter what we do

Bothered by the busy world
Move your mystery
And Marie please take your time
But separate those knees
Concrete deeds, you’re pained by weeds
A message from the throng
You heard it said six thousand times
You don’t know right from wrong
You can take me out to shoot me
I will leave my heir
Take him outside with me
And burn our kitchen stair
If you lied, you have not tried
Be careful of yourself
If she loves you for yourself
She’ll offer you her help, help
We’re under surveillance sweet surveillance
Red white and blue
Under surveillance sweet surveillance
No matter what we do

Hold onto the secret
It’s been protested, since the dawn of man
The condition of testing, in the rest of the clan
How far from home, can a young girl go
Down the hallway of time, she makes her way

Hold onto the secret
Let go of the score
Hold out for the memories
That linger on and on
How close to the middleI know I started with one
Nowhere was an ending, to be foundIn the face of a storm manIn the eye of an owl
Goes a history of wisdom, yet unknown

I always got wasted, so I can’t hold back
I always carried, a knife in my back
The heart’s a tough muscle, inside of a glove
The warm glowing silence, it hands you love
I shook and I trembled, I did not want to resist
There’s room in the jungle, so I split the lip
In the face of confusion, everything’s gone wrong
There’s some kind of fusion that sang this song 

Hard at work

Hard at work hard at play 
Good to see you smile again
Johnny it’s been hard on us all

Late at night, sleeping tight
Heaven sends her home tonight
Never meant to worry, for so long
Dark is light, left is right
Feeling her, recline in fright
Going on your way, too long, too long
Things are change sounds so strange
Slow you go you rearrange
Yes coming wrapped inside a song
A song, a song

Maybe yes also nowonder if we ever know
real loving, up and downmake it strong, so strong 
Point me her, me, she, tree
Now you know, what makes me beIn the shining light, of GodOf God, Of God