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Life On Earth - Proof

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Learn all about Life on Earth and see pictures of the band all through the 70’s in San Francisco.
8 1/2″ x 11″
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Here is Proof of Life on Earth. This book explores the world of the band Life on Earth and their adventures in the 70’s in San Francisco. It is filled with stories and pictures about the band. It was created after Michael Foley and Mark Bray went through some old tapes of Life on Earth and created the album, Proof, a collection of those some of those songs. Now you can see behind the scenes with the band and get a little insight to living in San Francisco back then.

“PROOF” of Life On Earth

Life on Earth was the brainchild of two young New York-based artists, Michael Foley and Peter Swanson. The two met in elementary school and began playing guitar together in the mid 1960s. They had an acoustic guitar duo called M&P Products, with Foley doing all the singing and in some cases writing the songs. Of the two, Swanson was the more reserved while Foley played in different bands and had a strong choral background. 

Foley Recording in 1965

In 1965, Foley recorded a 45 RPM record of two of his songs on Goal Records, a subsidy of Decca Records, with the Fleetwoods (“Come Softly”) producer Cy Levitan.  The record company changed the band’s name to “The Stitches”.  The song “I’m Looking For You Baby”, ironically the supposed B side, was banned from the airways in four cities, Baltimore, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Boston because it made reference to divorce.

Life On Earth - Extravagant Logo
Going To California

In 1970 Foley and Swanson moved to California where they experimented with drummers and bass players until they landed John Perry Buffham on bass. They performed as a trio called Nada Corona until ultimately they found Al Urezzio , another New Yorker, to play the drums. This was the quartet that became Life on Earth.

A commune grew up around the band that ultimately included six houses and hundreds of people. The band began in an apartment on 22nd St. in the Mission district but after the move to Bernal Heights, the headquarters for Life on Earth was on Stoneman St. in San Francisco. It was a safe place for the erudite, the disenfranchised, the brilliant, and in some part, the harmless insane.

Playing Around The San Francisco Bay Area

As well as playing in the usual venues and bars like the Shady Grove on Height Street, the Last Day Saloon, the Keystone Corner, or the Garden of Earthly Delights, the band was known for supporting community causes and played benefits for food co-ops and free medical centers, as well as in prisons, schools and at outdoor festivals. One night when playing at the Garden of Earthly Delights, a trio walked in and asked to sit in and use their gear. It turned out to be the first public appearance of Hot Tuna. 

PROOF of Life On Earth!

All of what you’re hearing on “PROOF” was recorded by Foley and Swanson at Stoneman Street or live at gigs. The Teac four track was a relatively new device so everything in this collection was recorded to tape, either in stereo or on the four track and mixed to a Revox half track mastering machine.

Life on Earth – PROOF now available on CD, download and streaming!

Life On Earth - Proof

Life On Earth – Proof


Michael Foley – Guitar & Vocals
Al Urezzio – Drums
Peter Swanson – Guitar
John Buffham – Bass & Vocals

Released May 1, 2021 on Crystaleyezed Fine Arts


The Arrow 3:36

Life On Earth – The Arrow

Gimme A Rest 5:00

Life On Earth – Gimme A Rest

The World Is Hollow 4:27
White Lies 3:51
No One Told Me 2:56
Under Surveillance 3:26
Hold On To The Secret 5:29
Hard At Work / Space / Doomsday Boogie 9:29

Video Featuring Archival Footage For Hard At Work

Life On Earth – Hard At Work Video


The following press release was published in Bam Magazine, April 1976. The writer is music columnist Michael Zipkin.

YES, FOLKS, there is LIFE ON EARTH, abiding in the form of four tight rockers called (gee, how about that) Life on Earth. Led by guitarist Michael Foley, whose lead vocals reminded me of Nils Lofgren at his sneering best.  The band presented energetic all-original material with an informal, yet exciting presence. Their five-year association shines in the interplay between Foley and fellow guitarist Peter Swanson, and in their Turtles-like falsetto harmonies. They play the Savoy in April.     

The band enjoyed having an occasional 5th piece.  One of of their favorites was Sylvia Mitchell pictured here with the band on Bernal Hill.   

Life On Earth featuring Sylvia Mitchell
From a press release by Nancy Swingle for the Summer Jazz Festival at Keystone Korner, August 22-27, 1977

“Life on Earth, appearing August 22, is a band of five tight rockers from San Francisco who play original music. The main vocalist, Michael Foley writes their  widely varied material and plays guitar. He and guitarist Peter Swanson first got together as a folk duo in high school. Sylvia Mitchell plays violin, and has also performed with the Anchorage Symphony, and is currently a member of the San Jose Symphony. She was featured on Buffy Sainte Marie’s newest album as well. Bassist John Buffham and drummer Alfred Urezzio round out the group. Life on earth promises, and delivers, a night of new and stunning music.”


All songs Copyright Michael Foley 2019 except White Lies White Lies written by John York, publisher Debris Music
Mastered by: Emmet Foley songs 1,2,3,5,6 and Mark Bray songs 4,7,8 Produced by Mark Bray
Cover Art by Mark Bray Back cover photo by Tommy Paiva Back cover logo by Peter Swanson
Published by: Maurice Buday Music Distributed by: GRAYROCK Records and Crystaleyezed Fine Arts


Mark Bray   – Crystaleyezed Fine Arts 

Michael Foley

Al Urezzio    

Mitchell Holman

John York     

Emmet Foley