Michael Foley – Guitar & Vocals
Al Urezzio – Drums
Peter Swanson – Guitar
John Buffham – Bass & Vocals

The Arrow 3:36
Gimme A Rest 5:00
The World Is Hollow 4:27
White Lies 3:51
No One Told Me 2:56
Under Surveillance 3:26
Hold On To The Secret 5:29
Hard At Work / Space / Doomsday Boogie 9:29

All songs Copyright Michael Foley 2019 except White Lies White Lies written by John York, publisher Debris Music

Mastered by: Emmet Foley songs 1,2,3,5,6 and Mark Bray songs 4,7,8

Produced by Mark Bray Cover Art by Mark Bray Back cover photo by Tommy Paiva Back cover logo by Peter Swanson

Published by: Maurice Buday Music

Distributed by: GRAYROCK Records and Crystaleyezed Fine Arts

Life On Earth - Proof


Glenn Houston – Guitar
Michael Foley – Vocal/Guitar

1. Somethingspecial………5:10
2. There’saplace…………5:15
3. HalfMoonBay………….2:57
4. He wouldn’t listen, she wouldn’t say . . .5:30
5. Stackolee……………..4:04
6. Missing you (Little rocks) . . . . . 3:40

All songs written by Michael Foley except Stackolee, traditional

All songs copyright Michael Foley 2001

Published by Maurice Buday music



1. Man In The Moon
2. Time For Love
3. People Working In The Night
4. Love Ain’t Kind
5. Heartache Suzanne
6. Misery Business (Industry of Pain) 
7. Something SpeciaL
8. Judy
9. I Dream About You
10. We Seem Like The Same
11. She Wouldn’t Listen, He Wouldn’t Say 
12. I’m Used To Being Alone
13. Everybody I Meet Wants To Be Humble 
14. Parade



The Michaelangelo Project SIMULACRA


  1. Clean 4:31
  2. Freedom Ride 5:49
  3. Slinky 5:16
  4. I Dream About You: (The Vision) 3:39
  5. Deep in the Night 4:05
  6. Sleepwalker 4:34
  7. I Dream About You: (The Fact)

Life On Earth
Hard At Work Video

This film is comprised of images collected and filmed by Diane Swanson, wife of the lead guitar player Peter Swanson. Life On Earth was together for 7 years from 1970 to 1977 when it morphed into R.P.M.. By 1980 the members of the band had gone their separate ways. The shots of the band were taken in their studio in the basement of 25 Stoneman St. in San Francisco. A picture of the house opens the video and a picture of the late great Peter Swanson finishes it. Life On Earth was a real commune band. Everybody lived at Stoneman St. As the babies began to arrive people moved but they all considered themselves a family even to this day. Michael and Peter traded a car to someone for the computer / recorder seen being lifted into the house. They had been used by the military to track the skies of the west coast. We are preparing to make Life On Earth’s music available soon.
Life On Earth – Hard At Work (Official Video)